FlyMe Planning Station: Your Second Brain

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Use documents to manage your life and work so that everything can be orderly and organized.

This document integrates financial space, personal space, work space, and team space. We often shuttle back and forth between different documents, making it difficult to effectively manage and automatically organize them.

This is a problem I often encounter in my life. In addition to integrating different spaces, in this system, I quantitatively record the tasks for each space, which can automatically record data. Only by quantifying it can we better manage it, which is also the core capability of this document system.

The advantages of FlyMe Planning Station are as follows:

  1. All-in-One Dashboard: All your tasks and work are consolidated onto a single page with a clear directory structure and guidance, allowing you to lead a more efficient life and work.
  2. Data Quantification: Your assets, tasks, and even work can be quantitatively measured and analyzed, providing you with a clearer and more comprehensible understanding.
  3. AI Capabilities: Leveraging the power of Notion's AI capabilities, it seamlessly integrates with the document system, enabling it to unleash its full potential.
  4. Rich Templates: Customizable templates are continually added to FlyMe Planning Station, enhancing the overall system and making it more comprehensive.

What this template include?


Unleash your curiosity with Notion AI: Explore limitless knowledge by asking any question you desire.


Streamline your diary entry with AI Summary and Key Info capabilities for concise and organized thoughts.


Unlock the potential of independent systems with comprehensive documentation support.


Effortlessly organize your schedule in the control panel, seamlessly syncing with your WORK SPACE. Start each day with a crystal-clear vision of your plans.


Effortlessly manage your reading, movie, and all other hobby-related habits.

Who should be contacted for any issues encountered during use?

You can contact me through the following platforms: XiaohongshuJikeWeiboEmailTwitter Gumroad

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FlyMe Planning Station: Your Second Brain

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