Conference Communication

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According to research from Harvard Business School, maintaining regular 1:1 communication between managers and employees, also known as 1-on-1 communication, is essential for building high-performance teams.

This template follows the GOOD model (Goals - Obstacles - Opportunities - Decisions).

What this template include?

In the GOOD model, each letter represents the following:

🎯 Goals: This step involves determining the goals and visions of an individual or a team. In this stage, you define specific objectives and clarify the desired outcomes and results.

🚧 Obstacles: In this step, you identify the factors or obstacles that hinder the achievement of goals. This can include internal or external limitations, difficulties, challenges, or problems.

🎇 Opportunities: In this step, you look for opportunities and potential advantages that can be leveraged. This involves assessing favorable conditions, resources, skills, or external factors in the environment that can facilitate the achievement of goals.

📝 Decisions: In this step, you make decisions and action plans to overcome obstacles and capitalize on opportunities to achieve the goals. You choose specific actions to take and clearly assign tasks and responsibilities.

Who should be contacted for any issues encountered during use?

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Conference Communication

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