CRM Sales System

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Connected CRM empowers enterprise growth.

The CRM system provides a comprehensive industry-specific solution that covers the entire process of marketing, sales, and service for high-tech, modern enterprises, fast-moving consumer goods, agriculture and animal husbandry, and large manufacturing industries, assisting enterprises in their digital transformation.

What this template include?

CRM covers 5 functional modules, each including the following contents:

  • Sales Management: Manage your sales team.
  • Customer Management: Customer profiles, customer segmentation, etc.
  • Opportunity Management: Opportunity follow-up, opportunity feedback, opportunity value, etc.
  • Contract Management: Contract archiving, contract follow-up, etc
  • Calculate the value of opportunities and won deals for you.

Sales Dashboard

Quick Access: More efficient access to each independent module.

Salesperson: Sales personnel information is clear at a glance.

Client List: Quickly understand each customer's profile, value, and status.

Opportunity Stage: Don't miss any business opportunities.

Contract: Follow up on every completed order.

Salesperson Managment

Manage your Sales team

Customer Managment

Enter your customer information and keep everyone involved informed.

Company Name, Contact Person, Industry, Company Szie, Phone, Position, Sales Owner, Sales Leader, Created Time, Last Edited Time...

  • Managment View:Through the Sales Owner view, you can understand the situation of each company followed up by each salesperson.
  • New sales lead view: Follow up on the sales leads updated in the last week to keep abreast of the sales situation in real time.
  • Sales owner view: Understand the situation of each company in the hands of each salesperson and find the contact person more quickly.

Opportunity Managment

Understand opportunities, connect opportunities, and generate opportunities.

Opportunity, Company, Descriptions, Sales Owner, Follow-up stage, Area, Sales Leader, Value, Estimated submission date...

  • By Stage: Understanding the stage of each opportunity allows you to better grasp the initiative.
  • By winning the deal: Understand every transaction through the Win Points view.
  • Value: Understand the value of each opportunity.

Who should be contacted for any issues encountered during use?

You can contact me through the following platforms: XiaohongshuJikeWeiboEmailTwitter Gumroad

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CRM Sales System

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